Editor and Trainer Profile

Ruth Willmott is a scientific text consultant as well as a scientific soft skills and career development trainer.

She was born in England and holds a BSc in molecular biology and biochemistry (Durham, UK) and a PhD in molecular genetics (Bristol, UK). After being awarded a Marie Curie fellowship, she moved to Germany where she first worked at the Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding (Cologne) and then at the RWTH (Aachen). Being ideally positioned to understand and meet the communication and career development needs of non-native English-speaking research scientists, she set up BioScript International in 1998.

Since then, she has not only helped 100s of research scientists and PIs achieve their publication and grant acquisition goals, but also supported institute directors with their large re-evaluation reports.

In addition, she has also become an authority on scientific soft skills and career development training for those participating in structured PhD and postdoctoral programmes. In this capacity, she has trained over 1000 PhD students and postdoctoral fellows in the craft of presenting and writing as well as advised on career paths both in academia and on the wider market.

Ruth Willmott currently resides in Vienna, Austria.